Designing for Winter Interest

Roadside Garden in Summer in A Garden For All by Kathy Diemer

Roadside Garden in Summer (photo credit: Kathy Diemer)

Whether novice or experienced, we all strive for gardens that look good no matter the season.  And that is indeed a challenge.  What can we do to maintain some structure and color when the temperatures hover in the single digits and all signs of plant life are but a pleasant memory? The answer is incorporating evergreens and deciduous shrubs into your landscape. [Read more…]

The Joy of Sedum

Sedum with Yucca in A Garden For All by Kathy Diemer

Sedum with Yucca ‘Bright Edge’ (photo credit: Kathy Diemer)

I’m starting to fall in love with my garden all over again, and you can too, with a fresh infusion of late season bloomers.  One of the least fussy, low maintenance and pest resistant plants that persist into winter are sedum; a genus of about 400 species of perennials and annuals in the Crassulaceae (or Stonecrop) family, ranging from the mountains of the Northern hemisphere to arid spots in South America.  From tall specimens at 3 feet, to ground cover selections that remain around 6 inches, there’s sure to be a sedum for you.  Whether in a garden or container, sedum offers multi-season interest and makes a superb companion to a variety of other plants and shrubs. [Read more…]