Great Local Destinations

The water garden at Wave Hill in A Garden For All by Kathy Diemer

The water garden at Wave Hill (photo by: Kathy Diemer)

Life is crazy busy for so many of us these days.  Between careers, family, (animals & gardens!) and home, it’s a wonder we ever have time to relax.  Although many of us can take the time to travel around the world, for a variety of reasons, some of us can not.  I have traveled a little; within the U.S. I’ve hiked the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, visited the red hills of Sedona and the Grand Canyon in Arizona, lounged on the beaches of Southern California, even going as far as the Virgin Island of St. John where I swam with sea turtles (and barracudas).  But honestly, as Dorothy discovered when she ventured off to see the Wizard of Oz, to me there is no place like home.  And no matter where you live, with a little research you will find lots of great places nearby to spend a day relaxing and rejuvenating.  Here are a few places close to me where I easily recharge my batteries: [Read more…]

A Garden for All