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A Garden for All takes me on my own adventure each time I read it.  Each post teaches me about some aspect of gardening or nature that I didn’t know, tells a compelling story about unique and interesting characters and/or gives me a tiny glimpse into Kathy Diemer’s personal life. I love reading A Garden for All not only for its vast content and visual appeal due to her stunning photographs, but also for its entertainment value as Kathy has a delightful and sometimes edgy sense of humor.

The title is perfect as there is something for everyone in Kathy’s stories. I don’t quite know how she does it – I live in the Rocky Mountains where gardening is virtually impossible at this altitude, yet Kathy’s blog posts make me feel as though I tend to a lush garden of my own.  I find myself living vicariously through her Southern New England life filled with the wonder of nature and more importantly, the wonder of people and their unique stories.

As I marvel at the photography of luscious plants, flowers, animals and gorgeous places, I find myself happily engaged in Kathy’s contagious sense of curiosity and adventure. Wherever Kathy is going next, I’ll be right there, eagerly reading along. Please keep ‘em coming!

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Tovah Martin

Not only is A Garden For All infinitely readable, written with an honest but flowing and entertaining voice, and exquisitely photographed, but best of all, this isn’t some privileged British lady pontificating on how to marshal the staff of gardeners who grow their tender little nuggets in a nearly tropical zone. This is one of our neighbors, gardening next door and engaged in two-fisted weeding, digging, hauling, and all that scratch and dent stuff right down the street. Her issues are our issues. Her solutions could be your answers. Her local sources of plants are where you should shop. And her garden is an open book. If you’re not paying attention to this invaluable resource—you’re losing out.

Tovah MartinAuthor, horticulturist, and lecturer