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sClematis Praecox on stone wall in A Garden For All by Kathy Diemer https://agardenforall.com

Clematis Praecox on stone wall (photo credit: Kathy Diemer)

… might go down instead!  That’s the case with the bountiful ‘non-vining’ Clematis jouiniana ‘Praecox’.  A Garden Merit award winner, this is a clematis that loves to meander around your garden, weave itself into smaller trees or float down a stone wall.  I choose the latter, allowing ‘Praecox’ to cover the walls with cascades of delicate sky blue flowers that buzz with bee activity from July through August.  This is a choice plant for those looking to fill a spot with something attractive and easy to maintain.

Clematis ‘Praecox’ thrives in zones 4 – 8 in full sun or part shade, growing to 8′ annually.  I have read mixed remarks on pruning; here’s what I do:  Prune back to 2′ at the end of the growing season, to clean up and prevent pests from creating homes underneath its prolific growth.  In the spring, I will thin out any stems that died over the winter and neaten it up.  Then just sit back and let it do its thing, which is to grow and grow and grow.  Pretty ‘Praecox’ grows so quickly that I will often give it a few snips through the summer to keep it from growing out into the driveway, the hedge pruners work well to cut back a mass at one time.

Clematis Praecox in A Garden For All by Kathy Diemer https://agardenforall.com

Clematis Praecox (photo credit: Kathy Diemer)

‘Praecox’ isn’t the only non-vining clematis out there, to see other options or to order a Clematis jouiniana ‘Praecox’ for yourself, go to the Brushwood Nursery website: www.gardenvines.com.  Brushwood Nursery is a mail order nursery in Athens, GA.  I have ordered vines from them, which have come to me in perfect form and health.  Their website has many choice vines, including many non-climbers and natives.  Try your local nursery first, and if they don’t carry a choice of clematis that interests you, give Brushwood a try!

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