A Word About Garden Tours: “Stressful!”

Lion Greeter in A Garden for All by Kathy Diemer https://agardenforall.com

The Lion Greeter (photo credit: Kathy Diemer)

Here’s the thing, folks.  When you’re planning a party things are pretty much under your control.  You can purchase food at the market, clean the house and get yourself cleaned up.  Sure, something can go wrong, but often it’s not catastrophic.  Not the case with a garden tour.

The moment you say “Yes” to allowing your garden to be on tour, you might as well plan on some sort of hail, fire, brimstone or the like.  In my case, I have been through the gamut from severe drought, hurricane (with hail), so much rain nothing bloomed but skunk cabbage, bugs eating every plant and thumbing their noses at me because they know I don’t spray, to the present tour where there was a competition between the slugs, snails (“Slug Fest 2012”) and moles.  In other words, an attack from above and below!

No matter what anyone says, as much as we gardeners enjoy-actually thrive-on sharing and inspiring others, nature always gets the last laugh at our expense.  And there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, except to grin and bear it.  But wait!  What if we chose not to accept the invitation to put our garden on the tour, instead quietly declining the offer with an excuse of another commitment?

After spending months cleaning up from the hurricane and the unseasonal snow storm that destroyed my gardens last year, replacing all the plants that were killed by the wet/warm winter and the mole families that continued to thrive, I definitely needed to question my motives for accepting a local garden club to tour my garden this year.  Perhaps it was because they asked me in the winter and my brain was still dormant.

Whatever the case, my garden prevailed as the trooper it has been for the last two decades.  Even though some plants (like Stachys!) had leaves looking more like grey-green Swiss cheese and others were teetering around atop mole tunnels, overall it concealed the damage well and the visiting group was thrilled with the display.  And, I must admit in the end I had a great time sharing and relating with everyone.  Even if I do have a few more grey hairs …

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